Using only a few everyday ingredients like eggs, milk, sugar, oil and flour, you can make wonderful, simple & delicious things to eat!

When you add a little sugar clay together with some sugar art skills to the mix a myriad wonderful creations suddenly become possible! See this magic change into smiles on people's faces. That moment when you realize that you can create a fantastic tasting cake, better what you can get from the shop, is indeed a revelation that I want all to experience.
We all love cake because it is most fitted for wonderful celebrations of live and love, whether it be to celebrate a birthday, a christening, a wedding,  family-gathering with loved ones, or to end off a beautiful meal shared with great friends.

The secret ingredient in any cake is not found in many baking guides. It undoubtedly is LOVE! All home-baked cakes are born from heartily love. The love of baking of creating and giving. Baking a cake for someone is motivated your love for them and the experience is filled with rewards, making them and you feel special & appreciated along the way.
My desire for you is to start baking with this kind of love and passion. Soon you will find that the skill will follow. Whether you are an accomplished home-baker or breaking an egg into flour for the first time, I invite you on a journey through life with cake.

I want you to experience that moment of feeling like an alchemist when you mix together some eggs, sugar, oil, flour then add some heat and see this magically change into smiles on people's faces when they taste the results.
My love for all things "Home Baked with Love", started in a small kitchen on a farm in the Free State outside the beautiful town, Parys, with my loving mother who took on catering for large events, bakeries, home baked shops and weddings in her stride. I had been privileged to have had two grandmothers who also were master bakers and always, always had fresh cake in the house. 

Being welcomed into the kitchen at an early age, taught me much about history (who's recipe is this?), science (the chemistry of baking), math (measuring the ingredients - remember, measure twice, bake once!) and geography (the origin of the cake and ingredients). Today, after many years of baking up a storm with my mom to serve the royalty, clients, friends, family and loved ones, it all resulted in a need to share my skills, knowledge and techniques with other.
Be inspired by the beautiful, edible works of art you can create with just a pinch of ‘Sugar Art’ savvy! The possibilities are endless and the outcomes absolutely breathtaking and delicious.
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